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Seán Jamie Nagle is an Irish entrepreneur , producer, game commentator, and internet personality. He has created the Franchise "Mop" and "Moparoo." This companies represent different leaps of technology - including many other branches (MopNet, M11 Chip, MopHome, MopAtHome and many other technological things" His official Twitter is @officialmoparoo.

Personal LifeEdit

Sean lives in Ireland. He made all of these online companies in his bedroom - and is currently in the making of a new social media site called ("MopBook") which is a play of words in the name "Apple MacBook"

Sean Nagle in the vlog "5 Tips To Help You Survive School"


Sean mentions that he is trying to live the American Dream


Sean started off by creating his YouTube channel on the 25th of November 2016. However, he didn't use the channel for two months after this. He uploaded his very first video on 6th of January 2017. His first video was named "Introduction to my channel" and mentions in many videos that he recorded that intro 7 times before being happy with it.

Sean focused on gaming mostly in his channel, uploading a Lets Play 3 times a week. He originally was going to do just technology videos, but wanted to expand into gaming, and as of March 2017, he removed the technology section of his channel, and kept the gaming and Vlogging sections.

Moparoo is growing rather quickly on YouTube. He mentions in several videos that he finds when see he got a new subscriber, he can't believe that someone "enjoyed his content enough to press the like button", saying it "blows his mind!"

Moparoo makes all videos himself, and has no crew or Help to help him out. He designs all thumbnails himself and edits all videos himself. He says in many videos that he has his iPad, Apple Watch, iPhone and MacBook doing completely different things from one another to make the recording absolutely perfect.

He plays mostly on his PS4, but does do some of his recordings on his computer. He says that he'd love to be the first Console - Gaming YouTuber. He also says that he has a dream to have the "Twitter Verified Tick" on his Twitter account.

Later on that year, Sean announced he was making many other branches of technology, including "MopHome", "M11 Chip (for Template iPhones)", "MopBook", and "Mop at Home"

Moparoo Channel Names Edit

Mop has changed the name of his channel a total of six times due to being "not happy with them." He jokes about this all the times in his videos.

Here's a list of all the names Mop changed the name of his channel:

⦾ Sean Nagle

⦾ MrBreakMelon

⦾ Differentkettleoffish

⦾ Wrybill

⦾ The Engineer

⦾ Ashok

Moparoo's original channel was called "Sean Nagle." However he changed it becasue he feared that people couldnt pronounce "Sean" as a name and therefore would now watch his content.


Sean's logo represents one thing. A mop.

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